a unique engineering solution

Simple and efficient technology of organization of industrial heat supply is based on application of "dry" heating of air.

The unique engineering solution allowed to abandon the use of water and steam as a heat carrier, which significantly improved the operational and technical characteristics of the complex.



The principle of operation of the power complex is to heat the cold atmospheric air pumped by the fan into the intertube space of the heat exchanger, passing inside the tubes hot flue gases coming from the combustion chamber.



The energy complex located in the capital building is used for heat supply of large industrial enterprises and underground workings. The capacity of the stationary installation is 5-50 MW.


For the rapid organization of heating of any area, the energy complex is supplied in the form of enlarged blocks of increased construction readiness, requiring minimal installation. Efficiency is achieved through the supply of main blocks and units in container assembly. The capacity of the modular plant is 1-5 MW.


For operational solutions, a container-type "Mini-VNU" has been developed, which allows the installation to be transported by conventional vehicles and to carry out installation and launch in a short time. The capacity of "Mini-VNU" is 0.2-2 MW.
If it is necessary to heat the mine buildings and ground structures with hot water, the power complex is equipped with a boiler

innovative technologies

Construction and reconstruction of industrial and agricultural facilities already at the design stage requires a choice - to use old solutions or switch to innovative energy-saving technologies.

MTEU-VNU provides cost savings and significant benefits both at the construction stage and at the stage of plant operation.

in comparison with a traditional boiler room

% higher heat transfer coefficient
% less staff
times faster exit to working mode
times less capital investment
° temperature mode for operation
times faster construction time

Comparison Chart

Equipment Average annual heat supply to the consumer, MW Capital investments (% to MTEU-VNU) Capital investments for 1 MW (% to MTEU-VNU) Operating costs for 1MW (% to MTEU-VNU) Unit Efficiency
Mteu-wnu7818100%100%100% 80%
Boiler room 7818 122% 162% 148% 95%
Electric calorifier781851% 61% 233% 80%

Areas of use

MTEU-VNU are used mainly in the mining industry, but the possibilities of their application are much wider. From the organization of heat supply to the population to heating any buildings and structures with a large area.

- Mining areas

VNU is widely used to supply heat to enterprises in the extractive industry. It is applicable for maintaining a given temperature in underground mines, defrosting and drying minerals, heating boxes for heavy vehicles.

- Oil and gas fields

Air heating units with gas stokers are applicable in the oil and gas industry. The use of fuels in the form of accompanying gas makes them the most efficient heating source for the industry.
The mobility of the modular installation and the "Mini-VNU" makes our solution an indispensable assistant both in organizing heat supply for exploration and stationary drilling rigs and heating temporary gas and oil workers' camps.

- Hangars, boxes, warehouses, livestock complexes

VNU is able to solve the problems of heating hangars, boxes, warehouses, especially made of light metal panels or other material that does not allow the fastening of a pipe heating system.
The supply of heat obtained "by a dry heating method allows combining the heating system with the air supply system and eliminates the problem of fixing pipes in the room.

- Edge server

Organization of heat supply to the population before heating any buildings and structures with a large area.


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